Oak Valley

Elgin - Western Cape

Ridden this Trail? Review it now
Ridden this Trail? Review it now
Trails: 48
Total Distance: 138km
eBikes: Yes
Shuttle-friendly: No
Cost: R60 - Adults | R30 - 6 to 18 Years
Security Rating: 4/5

Trail Park Summary

Wilderness Trail | Country Trail

More information:

Oak Valley https://oakvalley.co.za/mtb/

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The Oak Valley MTB Trails, located in Elgin, Western Cape, is one of the best mountain bike trails to experience in SA.

Best suited for:

Beginner, Intermediate and Experienced riders. Western Cape Beginner, not Gauteng Beginner. The Western Cape Beginner is accustomed to steeper gradients and singletrack. However, one challenge for Beginners is the A-Frames over the fences on Oak Valley’s trails.

What we love about it:

The scenery. It’s probably the most scenic riding you can find in South Africa. In addition to the incredible view, the Oak Valley MTB trails are stimulating and varied, and the environment is peaceful.

Oak Valley trail runs along with the Groenlandberg Nature Reserve, a protected 34 000ha area rich in wildlife and flora. As a result, the reserve contains some sections of highly endangered Renostervoeld vegetation, leopards, and a wide variety of antelope, small mammals, and birds.

Moreover, South Africa’s most famous mountain biking terrain, paired with the cool climate, provides cyclists near-ideal conditions.

Vissie’s Magic, Stone & Steel, Fountain of Youth, Sounds of Silence, Groendlandberg Stairway, Harrier Hawk, Raging Baboon, JK’s Edge, and Wonderland are just a few of the routes.

A small blue path and a longer red route make up the trail. The red track connects to multiple black loops for more experienced riders.

Oak Valley is a highly productive fruit and wine-producing area, with the trail parks sharing the name of the wines produced on their property.


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Additional Trail Facts


The signage is very good on both farms. You may need to ask the gatekeeper at Oak Valley where the board with the large map of the trails is as it’s a bit obscured.


As with many South African trails parks, the trails aren’t graded according to IMBA’s skill level grading system. You can, however, find the Oak Valley Trails on Trailforks, here: https://www.trailforks.com/region/grabouw-forestry/


Most prefer to start and finish at Oak Valley. You need to ensure you buy the permit to ride when you arrive. Oak Valley has its own coloured trails. These colours denote the trail name and not skill level required. This venue offer showers and safe parking.

Oak Valley :-

Blue: 12.5km, 230m ascent

Red: 24.5km, 530m ascent

Black: 36.5km, 890m ascent

Off the bike

The Elgin Railway Station, which hosts a market on weekends, coffee every day and food and drinks on Wednesday and Friday evenings is very popular with visitors to the region. The Peregrine Farm Stall is a famous stop-off point for travellers passing through, with its restaurant, bakery and farm stall offering high quality food and local produce. And then there’s the Trail’s End Hotel, geared to offer accommodation specifically to mountain bikers and trail runners.


The Oak Valley bike trail park offer more than just scenic riding. They have high quality, purpose-built well-marked singletrack trails that are highly engaging and well maintained and which are used annually for the prestigious FNB Wines2Whales mountain bike stage race. Well worth a drive from Cape Town for a day or a


Oak Valley: R60; R30 for kids;

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Trail Reviews
Mai Conradie
23 August 2022
The slightly long drive to Oak Valley from the city is well worth it - I promise! Play some good tunes and before you know it, you’re over Sir Lowry’s pass and in Elgin. You can always stop for a quick coffee at Peregrine Farm Stall but you’re basically around the corner from Oak Valley (keep that in mind for after the ride) Parking: Ample space for many cars to park and it’s pretty safe (obviously don’t leave your valuables laying around in the car) Day Permits: During covid, permits were purchased at the little security office as you entered the booms but now you can purchase your Day Permits at the coffee/wine truck. Easy - No hassles! Trails: There are various routes for all levels of riders but we always ride the good old 24kms (approx). It’s a great combination of single track, a bit of climbing, some downhill and overall fun! Nothing too technical on this route, and the climbs are fairly easy to moderate (just keep peddling) No matter what time of the year, the scenery is amazing here, and it’s always interesting to see how the water changes the trail (sometimes after the heavy rains you need to carry your bike through knee deep water across this damn wall/bridge-like feature but it’s all still good fun 😊) Trails are generally well kept, although when we last rode there in April, we noticed that 80% of the A-Frame bridges were no longer in use (no more needing to cycling over them as you can now cycle around them) The trails are also marked fairly well but it’s always a good idea to take a picture of the map for your first ride or ride with a someone that knows the trail. Now for the post ride …. They have some great shower facilities and you may want to take advantage of that (especially after a muddy ride) And if you happen to ride at Oak Valley on the weekend, you must pop by at the Elgin Railway Market. From coffees, beers, wine to delicious pizzas and other goodies to eat. They often have live music downstairs so the vibe is pretty awesome. For those that prefer a quieter environment or a quick stop, go grab a coffee and a freshly baked pie at Peregrine Farm Stall on your way home. Go on and give Oak Valley a try!
Mai Conradie
22 August 2022
Get ready for a mini road trip from the City to Oak Valley but it’s worth every km and bit of petrol you’ve spent to get there. (even with the current cost of fuel) Before you leave the city, remember to pick-up a takeout coffee at your favorite local coffee shop, put on some good tunes and before you know it, you’re over Sir Lowry’s Pass and in Elgin! Parking: Ample space for many cars and it’s fairly safe (obviously, don’t leave your valuables in the car) Day Permits: Purchase by the coffee/wine kiosk (near the bathrooms) - Easy and no hassles! Trails: There are 3 routes but we usually ride the good old 24kms route as it has a good combination of an easy to moderate climb (just keep peddling), single track, some downhill and overall just a lot of fun! Not forgetting to mention the beautiful scenery - No matter what time of year, it’s breathtaking all around! Well kept and maintained trails throughout the year although when we last rode in April, 80% of the A-Frames were not in use (no longer mandatory cycle over the A-Frames, one can cycle around them) Oak Valley has some decent shower facilities and you may want to take advantage of this especially after a muddy ride or you want to pop over to the Elgin Railway Market for a coffee (or beer) and a bite to eat - They usually have some live music and it’s quite the vibe. For those that prefer a quieter environment, head over to Peregrine Farm Stall for their freshly baked pies and a coffee! And there you have it, go ride Oak Valley!
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Marco Pennesi
18 August 2022
Trails in great condition! Fantastic riding, epic single track with nothing too technical. Awesome ride!
Robyn Williams
07 June 2022
The views at Oak Valley are absolutely amazing with a huge variety of trails and a huge network meaning that it's hard to get bored.
Charles Osborne
03 May 2022
Great variety of trails, all very doable, very pretty.
Chris Petzer
25 April 2022
Lovely trails! Well maintained
David Willis
22 March 2022
Absolutely fantastic trail for anyone wanting to ride a mountain bike. Stunning scenery and very safe. There's enough fun for everyone.
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