Hennops Trails

Pretoria - Gauteng

Ridden this Trail? Review it now
Ridden this Trail? Review it now
Trails: 1
Total Distance: 40km
eBikes: Yes
Shuttle-friendly: N/A
Cost: R80 - Adult | R50 School Children
Security Rating: 4/5
Nearest City/Town: Pretoria
Trail type: Country

Best suited for:

Intermediate and Experienced riders.

What we love about it:

The singletrack, the scenery and the drainage. Almost the entire 40km is on singletrack that’s built into the existing gradient to ensure it’s highly stimulating. Most of the time you don’t see any kind of civilisation which makes you feel like you’re far from anywhere, but it’s really just a 30 minute-drive from Pretoria and 40 minutes from Joburg. And the drainage is probably the best of any Gauteng trails, making it a good option when there’s been a lot of rain.

The trails:

There’s essentially one long trail at Hennops, but it’s divided into six distinct sections:

Safari: 6km; 100m ascent

Sani: 6.4km, 138m ascent

Dragon: 4.5km, 80m ascent

Snake: 4km, 54m ascent

Kyalami: 3.7km, 28m ascent

Skeleton: 10km, 170m ascent

You can head back to the trailhead after any of the sections, but most conditioned riders complete the full selection. Some will skip Dragon, which is nice technical loop with some tight turns; and others might avoid Skeleton, which is the section with the most climbing and comes late in the ride.

All sections finish with Home Run, a 3km section to the trailhead.

The singletrack has been well built and it’s obvious that much rock has been moved to make way for firm, mostly predictable surface trail. The location sees Hennops Trails benefit from quite generous gradient, something relatively rare in Gauteng. The trailbuilder has made good use of the gradient and recently added around 5km in singletrack, mostly to Skeleton.

There’s a sprinkling of wildlife at Hennops that includes zebra and wildebeest and which is mostly seen on the Safari section – hence the name…

Hennops offers a bit of a wilderness environment, which means it’s best suited to Intermediate and Experienced riders who are self-sufficient and able to navigate with confidence.

Additional Trail Facts


The signage is good, but you need to pay attention closely if you haven’t ridden there before. One missed turn and you can find yourself on a 4×4 route or a hiking trail. It’s worth studying the route map before you ride to have some idea of what to expect.


The trails aren’t specifically graded, but are predominantly blue Green and Blue level based on the IMBA standards.

Off The Bike

Before February 2022, the trailhead was at the farmhouse where there’s very good quality food and drink for sale as well as clean, adequate ablutions. Unfortunately the suspension bridge was washed away by flooding, so now the temporary trailhead is on the other side of the river with some cooldrinks available to purchase. There’s no bike wash at Hennops, which normally isn’t a major issue, but the wet summer and autumn of 2021/2022 make us wish for a bike wash there… Once the new suspension bridge is completed, the trailhead will return to the original location.


No matter how often you ride there, Hennops delivers a ride that’s challenging and rewarding. One of the most stimulating, scenic mountain bike trails parks in Gauteng.


R80 – Adult | R50 – school children

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Trail Reviews
Tandi Plant
30 September 2022
Amazing trails that keep growing. Good technical challenges and climbs. Good for all levels as you add or skip loops depending on distance and technicality you want. Total distance is about 40k, currently.
Heather Rossouw
30 September 2022
Hennops MTB Trails, always an incredible ride. Trails are well maintained. Dusty and dry at the moment, but super fast. After the bridge washed away in February 2022, access to the MTB trails is via the Hennops field, where parking is available, as well as ticket sales. There are clean bathroom facilities and you can buy a coldrink when finished riding. We do miss the kiosk on the other side. Can't wait for the bridge to be finished.
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SamWise WoahZay
24 August 2022
I like Hennops for a few reasons. The main reason is that I like that it has a wild bush feel. It doesn't feel like you are riding in the bike park behind fences. Wide open spaces, some game, well maintained trails and nice views all make for a good ride. Maybe as I am from the UK, I like the wide open spaces more than a local would? The trails are also arranged in such a way that you can ride a full 40KM ish ride or miss out certain sections to make the ride the length you want. This really helps on days when you are not feeling it or if you have a slower rider with you. You can link up sections or miss sections you want so it is very flexible. The bridge was washed out during rains in the first part of the year so the car park is currently temporary away from the cafe and there is no cafe on that side of the river, but its not a show stopper. You can buy your pass in the temporary car park and also there are clean toilets.
Pieter Bezuidenhout
24 August 2022
Parked at Chartwell Corner and rode out past Northern Farms, joined up with the Tar on the R55 and headed out to Hennops. easy to find, nice long warm up to get there. Ample parking and basic ablutions (need work) trails are challenging and well marked, great (harder) technical riding for the more advanced racing snake. Good mix of climbs and fast technical descents. basic snacks available at parking and tickets were R50 i think. Will definately be back. take care if you ride there as you on Tar for some of the way.
Van der Merwe
07 June 2022
This route consist of the best singletracks in Gauteng. Furthermore the trials is in a very good condition. It is really a jewel for mtb.
Renato Pucillo
07 June 2022
The trails at Hennops are well marked, well manicured and maintained. Wonderful singletrack offering 37kms of switchbacks, bridge crossings and good technical areas. The views are great and chances are you'll spot lots of Zebra, Gnu and other buck species. Because of recent floods, the starting point has moved but the coffee shop is still open for business. We were pressed for time so did not go back for coffee. Overall enjoyment.
Kyle Le Bron
03 May 2022
Hennops is in my books the best single track cycling trail within 40kms of Johannesburg. Its got all you need, some decent climbing with some very quick and downhill sections, 95% of the trail is single track with a mixture of sand a rock. The trail is 40km in total (Elevation gain 500m) and is made up of 6 sections with shortcut options after each sections to make up your own distance. The two sections I look most forward to are the Dragon and Snake. The Dragon is comprised of some rapid ups and downs with a few small jumps in between. The Snake is a windy downhill that has recently been lengthened for some extra Gees! If you are training for hill climbs there is a concrete road section that will give you a huge run for your money, give or take 200M of climbing... Did I say it was pretty too!! with lots of wild life and a bush vibe its definitely one of the better looking trails in Gauteng.
Claire Deacon
26 April 2022
Well maintained, technical trail, great all round 40km, short cuts to cut out the technical sections.
Rob Moore
25 April 2022
Extremely well marked trails with a bit of everything. A fair amount of elevation if you do the full 40km.
Claudio Raposo
25 April 2022
Hennops is one of the best trails with somewhat of a technical flair to it. It is approachable to most level of riders, depending on the speed you carry into the section. A nice hidden gem on the trails for the more adventurous is tour climb which tests your resilience and your fast descent ability. I didn't ride the trails back when the start was across the bridge but on the new starting point there is a lack of a nice shop with some food. The trail head has a few cokes, waters and drinks but a warm coffee would always come in handy. Overall a great trail that keeps pulling me to come back.
Sean Badenhorst
25 April 2022
No matter how often you ride there, Hennops delivers a ride that’s challenging and rewarding. One of the most stimulating, scenic mountain bike trails parks in Gauteng.
Ricky Tomaselli
11 April 2022
Hennops is fast becoming my favourite trail in Gauteng. It has a lot of everything when it comes to terrain. What is really great is that they have managed to cater for both riders and hikers, and managed to keep them separate. Super fast single tracks, and a few tough climbs make this an absolute blast. Whilst the trail head is not as polished as others, the variety of the trail makes this one of the best spots to ride your bike.
Dirk GVP
01 April 2022
One of the few trails that has not been severely hit by the rains. Trails are well maintained and a sublime ride.
francois van wyk
31 March 2022
Excellent trail with a few shortcut loops which is great for riding any distance that suits you. Start area temporarily moved as the bridge was damaged during floods, so it can't really be rated.
Marnix de Lorm
28 March 2022
Hennops has become my favourite MTB trail close to JHB. There is something for everyone and I love that there is fast technical, downhill, flats, challenging uphills, the lot. The trail builders are clearly experienced as they inspire confidence, even if you don't know the trail well, you never get ambushed by something unexpected. If you haven't tried it, I highly recommend you do so.
Michelle Fensome Scott
17 March 2022
I love this trail for training on - coming from a flat city - this trail is relatively close to come where I can go and get a bit of decent training in on. It consists of a bit of unnoticable climbing, some flowey technical sections - which can easily be done twice (as they loop back on themselves) . The first two thirds of the full trail is my favourite - The Skeleton trail is okay but it can get hot depending on what time of the year and day you are riding it the surface can also be very loose - so watch out for that traction!
Jim Ramage
10 March 2022
A true Gem 39km of well cut and maintained trail. Enough challenges to make it fun, flowing and flying. I keep coming back.
Marnix de
02 March 2022
Give Hennops a try if you haven’t, it’s fast, has technical and most of all it has fantastic flow.
Joanne Badenhorst
14 February 2022
Trails are in fabulous condition after all the rains. Temporary trail head is basic, but did the job!
Jizelle Grobler
14 February 2022
Trails are in incredible condition as always, Hennops never disappoints.
09 February 2022
Sublime bush singletrack! Challenging and interesting in a beautiful setting. Love the loop options to either shorten the ride or do favourite sections over and over again.
Alison Dallas
07 February 2022
Beautiful trails that are mostly of an intermediate level and flow well. Good practice for rocky trails with switchbacks.
Liz Botha
15 December 2021
Even after all the rain we've had this week, the trails were amazing. Thoroughly enjoyed my ride!
Dawn Cunningham
15 December 2021
The new sections add a new excitement and surprise along the trails. Even after continuous overnight rain the trails were “clean” with very little mud?, and still all the fun…
Joanne Badenhorst
13 December 2021
Always a treat to ride these trails
Niel Muller
26 November 2021
A little distance away from Pretoria and Johannesburg should not bother you once you have ridden at Hennops. A true gem in the Gauteng MTB scene, it has a bit of everything for riders of all skill levels and abilities, including punchy climbs, flowing single track and a little bit of technical riding. An innovative trail system exists whereby riders can choose different loops that return to the same spot, making up their own distance and elevation. Another highlight at Hennops is undoubtedly the views!
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