Buffelsdrift Conservancy (north of Pretoria) - Gauteng

Ridden this Trail? Review it now
Ridden this Trail? Review it now
Nearest City/Town: Pretoria
Trail type: Country Trail | Gravity Trail
Trails: 181
Total Distance: 205Km
eBikes: Yes
Shuttle-friendly: No
Cost: R75 per adult; R50 12-18 years; R30 Kids under 12.
Security Rating: 4/5

Trail Park Summary

Country Trail | Gravity Trail

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Buffelsdrift Mountain Bike Trails, located in the North of Pretoria, Gauteng, is one of the best mountain bike trails to experience in SA.

Best suited for:

Beginner, Intermediate and Experienced riders.

What we love about it:

Dry and dusty in winter, muddy at times in summer, always stimulating and always well maintained with various trails to suit all fitness and skill levels. That’s Buffelsdrift mountain bike trails in a nutshell. When you drive to Buffelsdrift, not too far from the gate, you head over a small ridge, and all you can see in the distance in front of you is scrubby bushveld. You feel like you have crossed the border between chaotic city life and serene bushveld bliss. This feeling extends when you ride there – it’s peaceful and playful.

The climbs are challenging, and the descents are thrilling, even though you may have to pedal from time to time. There aren’t any huge climbs, but the trail builders utilise the available gradient well. The Supertubes descent, a sweet slice of 2.5km twisty singletrack descent, has recently been refurbished to be less sketchy and flowier. There’s also some excellent riverside singletrack that’s more fun the faster you go.


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Additional Trail Facts


The signage is excellent. With the sharing of sections by different trails, directions can become confusing, but the Buffelsdrift team has made sure there’s no doubt as to which direction to go with bold, visible signage.


As with many South African trails parks, the trails aren’t graded according to IMBA’s skill level grading system. Buffelsdrift is listed on Trailforks though, where it’s trails are all either marked Green or Blue, with only the Enduro lines classified as Black.


There are two sections to Buffeldrift – the northern section includes less gradient and more open riding along gravel roads, jeep track and singletrack. This section is ideal for beginners and riders looking to add low-risk distance. The southern section incorporates the main hilly sections which range from flowy to steep and gnarly. This section has more rocky terrain and delivers a good challenge for intermediate and experienced riders. The Enduro lines can also be found here.

There are a total of 10 trails as follows:
Turtle: 7km – Beginners
Rabbit: 14km – Beginners
Impala: 17km – Beginner and Intermediate
Kudu: 24km – Intermediate
Zebra: 30km – Intermediate and Advanced
Short Nguni: 31km – Beginner and Intermediate
Nguni: 50km – Intermediate
Buffel: 50km – Advanced
Buffuni: 85km – Advanced
Enduro: Six downhill runs – Advanced

Off the bike

There’s a small bicycle workshop for those needing repairs done and a restaurant as well as a large safe parking area. The ablutions include hot showers. The restaurant food is good and always worth lingering longer for…


Buffelsdrift is a world-class mountain bike trails park just north of Pretoria that offers stimulating trails for every level of rider, both in terms of fitness and skill. It’s more than a trails park though, it’s a wonderful bushveld escape with your bike.


R75 per adult; R50 12-18 years; R30 Kids under 12. There are various annual membership packages for locals.

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Trail Reviews
Kirsten Behenna
30 September 2022
Very nice place. A bit far out for Benoni. But worth the drive
Sheldon Bole
24 August 2022
True in the bush experience, plenty routes to choose from and good mixture of fitness training with skills practise.
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Rochelle van der Walt
24 August 2022
Best trail park within Gauteng. Lots of options to choose from and the distances are proper. So easily do 100km without looking for extra paths to add distance. Same for the trail running routes, proper distances. Great that trail runs and MTB routes are separate. You forget you're in the city as it feels like you're in the bush, quiet, neat and peaceful. Sefudi offers the best post ride/run food and refreshments.
Magdalena Joubert
24 August 2022
Very nice. 🚴🏼‍♀️🚴🏼‍♀️
johan de klerk
24 August 2022
great ride and trail park
Magdalena Joubert
14 July 2022
Lekker om daar te ry
Jolandé marais
14 July 2022
Amazing ride
Gert de Lange
14 July 2022
Awesome trails catering for all levels.
Etienne Harcombe
14 July 2022
Awesome trails. Something for everybody.
TLOTLO selala
07 June 2022
100%well designed trails with all levels of difficulties that accommodate all fitness levels Clean trails Smooth flowing sections Rocky sections Jumps Hills And some restrooms after some nice sweat
Pietie Nel
07 June 2022
As a novice rider. They offer entry level, to more advanced, not ready to stomach anything harder than Kudu yet.
Chris Wright
06 June 2022
Unfortunately some of the more technical trails were closed. Still some lovely riding. I got a bit lost in one section, so the signage could be improved.
Johan Dippenaar
06 June 2022
Well maintained
Danie Flemming
06 June 2022
Great place to ride, lots of options.
Corne Visser
06 June 2022
Awesome MTB trails for any rider. Great coffee shop.
Chris dorfling
06 June 2022
If you love bushveld and game, this is it. Clean trails with good coffee at the end, nothing more needed.
Hopane Mabitsi
06 June 2022
The trail is good, muddy but well marked. The restaurant is best.
06 June 2022
Very good and challenging.
Marie van Straten
06 June 2022
Best MTB route ever!
Bevan visser
06 June 2022
The trails were flowy. I like how the trees are stable - the trails are smooth and rideable. The best of everything is the coffee shop.
Pietie Nel
23 May 2022
Wiele met n P
Renato Pucillo
03 May 2022
The trails are ideal, more so now with some of them more technical after all the rains! Sani2C training at its best!
johan de
03 May 2022
everything that is required from the first time rider right to the pro -  this is the place in Pretoria
Van der Merwe Thinus
03 May 2022
Best mtb trail in Gauteng.
TLOTLO selala
03 May 2022
Early notification when trails are damaged by rain, early maintenance of the bridges, ramps and beams. I really love the trail all levels of difficulty is met skills, endurance and climbing.
Monique Kania
22 April 2022
Rode the new short Nguni route and even after all the rain, there was only a short muddy section that was still very rideable. The trails are super, this route does not have anything technical apart from a bridge or two, so is pretty straightforward to ride. The new sections that bypass the river loop are lovely and I find it more enjoyable. While I missed riding the fun river loop, this is closed due to some new resident hippos , so it’s purely a safety factor for now. The coffee after is always a winner! The road is in good condition considering all the rain and it’s suggested to use the Rynou road instead of the big dirt road. Always a winning venue for great fun and offers a great bushveld vibe as it’s set within the conservancy. I rode this solo and do not feel threatened at all riding there on my own.
Renato Pucillo
07 April 2022
One of the best MTB parks where you can train for an event or just ride with friends or family. Trials to suit all fitness levels and age groups. The coffee shop at the end of a tough ride has a relaxing vibe with great coffee, milkshakes and light meals.
Keith Wakeford
04 April 2022
Buffelsdrift is amazing! The trials are epic and cater for any rider no matter the level of skill. Beautiful area to ride and the staff ensure that all your needs are catered for! I would recommend same to any rider.
Renato Pucillo
01 April 2022
After lots of rain, the trails team are doing a sterling job in cutting back bush, branches and trimming lawn to make this one of the best parks in Pta!
Dirk GVP
01 April 2022
Always a great trail to ride, it has recently Ben hard hit by the rains and it taking time to regain former smoothness mixed with the harshness of the rocky landscape.
TLOTLO selala
01 April 2022
Well planned trails for all type of riders, beginners, amateurs and professional. They have all levels of difficulties this includes distance, altitude and technicals. The trails are all taken care of and when ever there is an issue on the certain trail they will notify you and gives you an alternative route. 100% best place to visit all the time
Wayne Kruger
31 March 2022
Trails are a lot more rocky now since all the rains but still one of the best parks in Gauteng
Wian Van
31 March 2022
Trails for everyone, from beginner to advanced enduro rider! Also great cafe with really good food and beverages….with a nice pond to view while you are eating/drinking coffee on the deck
Renthia Kruger
30 March 2022
Love it
Craig Van Wyk
30 March 2022
Trails were a bit washed after the rains but still a great adventure
Pieter Binneman
29 March 2022
Nice trails, with lovely scenery. Enjoyed the venue overall.
Magdalena Joubert
22 March 2022
Altyd vriendelike en behulsame staf en eienaars. Roetes is uitstekent.
Riaan Ludick
22 March 2022
Highly rated route with so many options from easy to hard , excellent vibe and safe .
Chris Kuun
17 March 2022
A great mix of trails from flat and flows to technical and tough climbs and descents
Ann Olivier
10 March 2022
Very technical
Jim Ramage
10 March 2022
I've ridden here since the inception of this trail. Great trail network, with various options for different skill set. Great elevation with good technical variety. Being able to ride 100km in one trail park is a bonus
Julia Kotze
10 March 2022
Its almost impossible to get lost at Buffelsdrift. Trails are described well at the start, routes are marked very clearly. There is more than a 100km of trail to ride. They have everything from a flat 7km for beginners to the routes upwards of 80km. The enduro lines are some of the best in the country and truly test rider skill.
Barry Crouse
10 March 2022
Something for everyone, very cool place to ride almost any genre of MTB. Jeep track, Single track, Trail, Enduro and flow lines are very awesome.
Kim White
10 March 2022
Nice short trail as an intro to new mountain bikers
Renato Pucillo
02 March 2022
Bufeladrift never fails to challenge a rider in all categories from beginner to advanced. Perfect training ground for the Sani2C!
Magdalena Joubert
01 March 2022
Die beste bike park.
Lettitia Findlay
01 March 2022
Well maintained, excellent service, caring attitude and fantastic trails from short and easy to long and technical. A favourite for everyone.
Magdalena Joubert
14 February 2022
Very nice.
Magdalena Joubert
07 February 2022
Leker leker
Dale de Villiers
07 February 2022
Great trail network, well maintained with good technical single track
Magdalena Joubert ??
04 February 2022
Very frendly people and nice trails
Alton van Putten
04 February 2022
Top challenging and tough trails, you know you have ridden there.. some rocky and loose sections, with some tough punchy climbs
Karl-Tyko Albäck
03 February 2022
Fun descent, but the climb is killer
Leeanne Jonsson
03 February 2022
I have been riding at buffelsdrift for over 3 years now. Best mix of trails and climbing in gauteng. Favourite trail is the Buffel - with incredible climbing, beautiful flowey trails and technical uphills and downhills. Scenery is beautiful and this place gets extremely hot so always take extra water
Dawie Jooste
03 February 2022
Different trails to suit every need
Francois Theron
13 December 2021
The best of all worlds, there truly is something for everyone from beginners to advanced riders, hikers and enduro riders. A true "happy place" The gravel road has also been upgraded recently, easy to drive there.
johan de klerk
04 December 2021
the best ride in town
johan de
04 December 2021
routes well marked
Conrad Le Roux
26 November 2021
Francois and Henry do an amazing job at buffels!
Renato Pucillo
26 November 2021
The most spectacular scenery, the trials are always well maintained and it is a great place to train for any kind of race. I do all my Sani2C training at Bufels! Awesome coffee shop for a quick brekkie bun or for a light meal. The bike shop is able to do running repairs to get you going again. Love the place!
Sean Badenhorst
10 November 2021
Great variety of trails to suit all riders.
Team Tread
12 October 2021
The Supertubes descent, a sweet slice of 2.5km twisty singletrack descent has recently been refurbished to be less sketchy and more flowy. There’s also some great riverside singletrack that’s more fun the faster you go.
Team Tread
30 June 2020

There aren’t any huge climbs, but the available gradient is very well utilised by the trailbuilders and sufficient to test you on the way up and excite you on the way down, albeit with some pedalling from time to time on the descents. The Supertubes descent, a sweet slice of 2.5km twisty singletrack descent has recently been refurbished to be less sketchy and more flowy. There’s also some great riverside singletrack that’s more fun the faster you go.

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