Braamfontein Spruit

Johannesburg - Gauteng

Ridden this Trail? Review it now
Ridden this Trail? Review it now
Nearest City/Town: Johannesburg
Trail type: Greenbelt Trail
Trails: 25
Total Distance: 47Km
eBikes: Yes
Shuttle-friendly: No
Cost: Nothing – it’s all on public land/city greenbelt.
Security Rating: 3/5

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Green Belt Trail

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Braamfontein Spruit Mountain Bike Trails, located in Johannesburg, Gauteng, is one of the best mountain bike trails to experience in SA.

Best suited for: 

Beginner, Intermediate and Experienced riders

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The Braamfontein Spruit is a river that runs northwards through Johannesburg’s northern suburbs. Over the past two decades, the green belt it occupies has become a source of great enjoyment for various outdoor activities, including mountain biking. Initially, the community did trail-building and maintenance – unofficially. Still, about two years ago, it got more formal with the establishment of the non-profit organisation Jozi Trails. There is now around 40km of urban singletrack that’s consistently maintained, and security patrolled.

For Jozi Trails, that is, Braamfontein Spruit mountain bike trails, proper signage is a central focus. It is the world’s largest urban forest of municipal parks, and, like the hundreds of Jozi residents who visit each year, we love it! On all of the new and existing trails, there are almost 100 Jozi Trails signs.

Many complete beginners do their first few rides on the Spruit because it’s so accessible and unintimidating. If you’re a marathon racer, you can get in a decent 2-3 hour ride by incorporating ‘upstream’ and ‘downstream’ directions – or vice versa, depending on where you join the trail. 

It also includes some large City of Joburg parks, including Delta Park, Emmarentia Dam/Botanical Gardens and Alberts Farm.

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Additional Trail Facts


Since Hollard began to support Jozi Trails, the company responsible for the Spruit trails, signage has been added in places. But it’s not classic trail signage, but rather to indicate which sections are for mountain biking and which are for walking/running to eliminate any potential collisions. It’s best to initially do some rides with a local or Spruit regular to find out where the different trails go.


The trails aren’t graded. It’s a common-sense system. If the trail segment looks challenging and risky, avoid it…


The distance you ride is up to you. There’s no formal trailhead although many use the car park at the intersection of Conrad and Hillcrest roads as their start and finish point. For the younger or more skilled riders, there are some segments that offer world-class jumps and berms, including the Scout Hall jumps in Bryanston, Hurlingham Jump Line in Hurlingham and the Top Line and Tree Line at Delta Park, among others.

Off the bike

Because the trail passes through many suburbs, there are plenty of coffee-stop options. In most of the area south of Conrad Drive, it’s a very child- and beginner-friendly place to ride, with other park-like activities and play areas to be found.


Possibly South Africa’s most popular mountain bike trail, Braamfontein Spruit offers a stimulating ride for all levels of rider – you just need some local knowledge (or a Spruit regular) to find exactly which sections have your ideal fix.


Nothing – it’s all on public land/city greenbelt.

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Trail Reviews
Terence Vrugtman
17 May 2022
Braamfontein Spruit MTB Review: Amazing local trail right in the heart of JHB. If you appreciate JHB and know what this means to JHB, you will understand each part in its own way. The infrastructure, pre and post-ride have a lot to be desired compared to other 'parks' but you can find a beer or coffee with ease. Security is an issue. Make sure you ride in a group.
Aron Horn
28 April 2022
The Braamfontein Spruit has trails for all levels of riders, from complete beginners to advanced riders. It offers a centrally located trail in the heart of Joburg, and has multiple starting points. Deltas flow line, the Dowgbox dirt jumps and Scout Hall are the go-to spots for jump and flow sessions.
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Kyle Le Bron
07 April 2022
Convenience at its best, a lekker hop on and ride trail. As of April, most of the water has drained from the heavy rains of of the last few months, there are however some wet spots so you will get muddy. Grass has been cut and burns are in fairly good condition, just watch for some erosion closer to the river line. I have always found the spruit a safe place to ride from about 7.30am as there are lots of walkers and runners around, if you go earlier go with a few riders. All and all the spruit is a great ride for all skill levels and I would highly recommend
Steffan Cloete
01 April 2022
Easily accessible, well maintained and even ideal for a commute to or from work
Rob Moore
31 March 2022
Loads of rain this summer means the trails need a lot of work. Delta Tree Line is very eroded in the bottom section. Some very muddy bits between the Trailhead and Emmerentia. Also be careful of people walking their dogs off leash. Hopefully Jozi trails can do some maintenance once the rains are over and get the Spruit back to better shape.
Larissa Ferreira
28 March 2022
Very accessible and a good, fun ride. Family friendly during the busy hours (weekends, 8am-11am usually really busy). Safety is a major concern, wouldn’t recommend anyone rides alone during off peak hours especially during the week.. Regular security incidents on specific parts of the route. Saturdays can also get a bit busy with Parkruns at Delta and Albert’s Farm.
Marnix de Lorm
14 February 2022
I love riding the spriut and normally start from Brynstaon Dr but it is not safe to do so now, too many vagrants. As soon as you get past Blairgowrie it is 100% and fun as always.
Karl-Tyko Albäck
03 February 2022
Lots of variety, some easy riding for people who enjoy cross country and some nice jumps the those who are into the more heavy side of things
Dorian Toussaint
02 February 2022
This is a tough one to rate as there are so many variables mostly relating to where you start from and what's going on with Joburg water, it is however a great trail, fun and engaging with a few technical sections to test your skills. Additionally, there are a number of extensions along the way such as the loop around Delta Park, a savage climb no matter who you are, the loop around Emmarentia, watch out for dogs, birds and peeps and also the leg out to Alberts Farm and back, combined makes this a great training ride. The downside is it's not the cleanest, there is often effluent flowing across the trail, absolutely disgusting and a causing for a trail detour. There has been bike jackings, so don't ride alone and it can get busy so watch out for blind corners as there are hikers and other cyclists coming down the same path. There are many starting points along the way to park your car complimented by wonderful coffee shops that need our support. My advise, do the ride with a friend, go with an open mind, watch out for dogs, peeps and other cyclists and get a coffee along the way, enjoy!
Team Tread
30 June 2020

Many complete beginners do their first few rides on the Spruit because it’s so accessible and unintimidating. If you’re a marathon racer, you can get in a decent 2-3 hour ride by incorporating ‘upstream’ and ‘downstream’ directions – or vice versa, depends where you join the trail. It also incorporates some large City of Joburg parks, including Delta Park, Emmarentia Dam/Botanical Gardens and Alberts Farm.

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