Big Red Barn

Centurion - Gauteng

Ridden this Trail? Review it now
Ridden this Trail? Review it now
Nearest City/Town: Centurion
Trail type: Country Trail
Trails: 33
Total Distance: 43Km
eBikes: Yes
Shuttle-friendly: No
Cost: Adults R60; Children under 12 and Pensioners R40
Security Rating: 4/5

Best suited for: Beginner and Intermediate riders

What we love about it: There’s not much gradient at Big Red Barn, so it’s not intimidating for beginners as it’s fairly easy to pedal both ‘up’ and ‘down’ without feeling at risk of falling or going too fast.

What it lacks in gradient, it makes up for in singletrack. About 95% of the trails are singletrack. In order to make them more stimulating for intermediate and experienced riders, they have incorporated some really cool jump/berm lines. The flow on these could use fine-tuning, but most visitors won’t really know that and enjoy the feeling of riding up and down and around the shaped turf. There’s a fairly big pump track, which is sadly not used much because it’s about 1.5km from the trailhead. There is a singletrack loop at the trailhead for kids to enjoy though.

Additional Trail Facts


Because there’s some criss-crossing of trails, you sometimes find yourself off the trail you were intending to ride. But because it’s not a huge area, you tend to get back onto your intended trail without too much stress. Besides, getting a bit lost is part of what makes mountain biking mountain biking…


The trails have IMBA grading signage, with Green and Blue the most dominant. There are Black Diamond offshoots on the longest trail to challenge the more skilled riders.


There are four main mountain bike trails, ranging in distance from 12km to 27km. Note, with so many turns, the 27km distance takes longer than you’d expect.

Off the bike

There are two restaurants and many activities for kids and families.


An established, well maintained mountain bike trails park close to Pretoria and Johannesburg that caters for most mountain bikers. Very family-friendly.


Adults: R60, Children under 12 and Pensioners: R40

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Trail Reviews
Kim White
29 November 2022
Trail 1 links up with trails 2 & 3 to make up the ~40km. Trail 3 is the easiest of the trails Trail 2 get more technical more blu like. Trail 1 has some really interesting features like janky bridges, rocky sections and tight switchbacks to traverse. You can do everything piece individually or link them up in any way you want to.
Kirsten Behenna
30 September 2022
Trails are fun for a quick morning ride. Just need to do some maintenance on berms, bridges and jump lines. So many holes in these lines. Putting it off for a lot of riders. Post egg and bacon rolls is the bomb though
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Brandon-Lee York
07 June 2022
Was a fun and rewarding ride with some nice flow.
Gregory Anderson
07 June 2022
Great singletrack, signage is great, well designed for beginners to advanced riders . I would highly recommend the facility which also has two restaurants for breakfast, lunch and drinks after your ride.
Craig Van
07 June 2022
Blue gum trails
Kirsten Behenna
07 June 2022
Nothing to say
Pieter Steyn
06 June 2022
Well kept. Nice technical bits. Safety has been sketchy on the river trails, and litter needs more regular cleaning after floods.
Van der Merwe Thinus
03 May 2022
Great workout. Fast and smooth.
Kyle le Bron
28 April 2022
This was quite a surprise, I was in the area with my bike so decided to drop by. The trail head and parking was decent, routes well marked and range in difficulty, which can be super easy and short to very technical. I was surprised how technical it can be, if you have a trail bike and or enduro you can really rip through the park with some sharp climbs quick decents and some jumps!! The snakey super tube was epic and leads to a few jumps too. One you done with the technical stuff, you can can join up with the forest 🌳 line which will give your legs a change to breath. Once you are done grab a beer or some food at the local restaurant which is pretty decent.
Rob Moore
25 April 2022
Flat and flowy trails. Nothing technical or challenging. Good for easy outriders. Just watch out for the stench from the river
Claudio Raposo
25 April 2022
Red Barn is a fund trail with a few roller coasters and nice berms that give you some flow. Not the most scenic of trails but still a gem. The magic actually is after the ride with a nice setup bike wash, a market over the weekend and a nice restaurant.
Neil Evans
22 April 2022
Great flow lines in natural forest setting. Good variation of technical trails. Space is well used for trail layout. Jump line adds value.
Keith Wakeford
04 April 2022
Big Red Barn caters for all types of riders. The trails are very well maintained and keep a rider wanting more! The diamond routes are challenging but remain some of the best in Pretoria!
Alexander Kruchen
31 March 2022
If you looking for a trail that keeps you on the edge of your handle bars, this Is it. It's a great workout and any ride level can join in. Great forest sections with fun twists and turns, I like the technical sections and the coarse is well marked. Post-ride is just as fun with great facilities for food and drinks.
Floris van der Walt
31 March 2022
Good flow trails. Very bad drainage after it rained.
Wayne Kruger
31 March 2022
Fun trails good tree cover
Alex Hill
31 March 2022
Flowing fun trails within easy travilng distance of Sandton, Midrand and Pretoria. Great for beginners and intermediate riders.
Mark Ming
31 March 2022
Great singletrack, jumps and berms. Fairly flat but can still get a great workout. Jump lines are amazing and long. Nice mix of everything and amazing venue for pre and post ride activities, especially with the kids.
SamWise WoahZay
30 March 2022
Pretty flat terrain but some nice features on the longer 2 trails which are 23km and 40km. Nice forest/wooded areas. Great jump line which is being added to all the time. Restaurant area is nice and food and beer is great.
Carike Schoeman
30 March 2022
One of my local favourites for a bit more technical riding. Can become muddy and slippery after the rain, but always lots of fun to have. Signage from time to time seem to get fuzzy with some variations on trails so decide before starting and just keep going on your selected route option. It is amazing how many options are offered on such a small area and the best of all, you can't get lost. All roads lead to the Barn with plenty of recovery options on the menu.
Brandon-Lee York
29 March 2022
First time riding at red barn and what a fun experience it was with well marked signs and well kept trails
Mel Horak
29 March 2022
Great trails for beginners, intermediate and experienced. Not much elevation but can do a good 50km ride.
Pieter Binneman
29 March 2022
Great family outing. Different trails for different skill levels. Trails are maintained. Overall the venu is realy good.
Michael Trollope
17 March 2022
Great mix of technical and beginner trails. Always fun and interesting. Highly recommend.
15 March 2022
Enjoyable easier riding single track. Fairly flat, flowing riding.
Jim Ramage
10 March 2022
Trail marking is not great ... I've ridden there often and have always got 'lost' (off route) every single time. Showers are Solar Only, so early morning rides before work are not possible.
Julia Kotze
10 March 2022
Relatively well marked. Good variety of trails and plenty of features for all skill levels to try.
Barry Crouse
10 March 2022
Trail are good for beginner but very average for advanced riders. the post ride experience is awesome
Kim White
10 March 2022
Trail 3 is a good 10-12 km depending on the options you take. Not technical although good bike control will make for a more fun ride
Bradley Salters
14 February 2022
Red Barn is great for quick ride that keeps your legs moving and lots of shade for those hot days.
Dave Ho
07 February 2022
Big red barn is a great spot for anyone who want to get comfortable on their bike or someone looking to push their limits on the technical segments. Trails are well marked and the vibe at the Barn will get anyone excited to wake up early and catch a ride with the family.
Leeanne Jonsson
03 February 2022
What a fun place to ride. Technical features suited to all levels of ability. Trails are well maintained.
Gregory Anderson
11 January 2022
The Red Barn single track is well built with good signage on all tracks .Spending 80% of your time cycling through the forest , with a great overall experience and scenic beauty. The restaurant facilities are great that deliver good food. If you are looking for a little technical challenge with some speed, easy riding, I would highly recommend the venue.
Adrian Colyn
15 December 2021
Lovely ride. Good for everyone from beginner to more advanced.
Niel Muller
26 November 2021
Big Red barn is a throwback to the days when I built jumps in my back garden... A real hoot! Mostly single track, with loads of jumps, berms, wooden structures and more. Although only about 35 kilometres in length, the longest trail can give any rider a proper workout AND improve your technical skills as a bonus! Although only the green route is suitable for beginners (especially if you don't like man-made structures) Big Red Barn is still fantastic, with two restaurants to choose from and much improved trail signage. A new flow line and jump track further adds to the appeal.
Team Tread
30 June 2020

There’s not much gradient at Big Red Barn, so it’s not intimidating for beginners as it’s fairly easy to pedal both ‘up’ and ‘down’ without feeling at risk of falling or going too fast. What it lacks in gradient, it makes up for in singletrack. About 95% of the trails are singletrack. In order to make them more stimulating for intermediate and experienced riders, they have incorporated some really cool jump/berm lines.

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