Asidlale Adventure Park

Johannesburg - Gauteng

Ridden this Trail? Review it now
Ridden this Trail? Review it now
Nearest City/Town: Johannesburg
Trail type: Country Trail | Gravity Trail
Trails: 1
Total Distance: 33Km
eBikes: Yes
Shuttle-friendly: No
Cost: Day Visitors – R60
Security Rating: 4.5/5

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Country Trail | Gravity Trail

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Asidlale Adventure Park, located in Sandton, Gauteng, is one of the best mountain bike trails to experience in SA.

Best suited for: 

Beginner, Intermediate and Experienced riders.

What we love about it: 

The proximity to Joburg and the flowline! The Joburg trails parks have been rather stagnant in the past couple of years with very little in the way of new features or gravity lines at the established parks. That’s why, even though Asidlale isn’t complete yet, we’re listing it and posting a review summary! (May 2022).

Joburg trails are notoriously low on gradient, which is why Asidlale is such a breath of fresh air! Built on the hillside that’s on the Leeuwkop Prison grounds at the north end of Sunninghill/south end of Kyalami, the Asidlale trail is still a work in progress. But there’s a climb and there are two descents from the summit. The one descent is nothing fancy and the other is a flowline that’s just fantastic!

Asidlale is a Zulu word that’s pronounced ‘us-sid-laa-lee’ and which means ‘Let’s play’.


There’s currently one mountain bike trail that’s marked by red arrows. It’s a 35km trail with over 580 metres of ascent. That’s a decent ride for most people. In fact, it’s a pretty tough ride if you’re not strong and not skilled. The climb is proper! Not many like it in Gauteng really. And the flowline descent starts off quite tight and technical for the first 100 metres of so before it opens up onto a well-made, wide and manicured flowline.

For those that don’t know what a flowline is, it’s a wide, uncomplicated descent that’s been shaped and moulded to offer a fast, fun way down. They have loads of features to add to the stimulation, including berms, table-tops, jumps and bomb-holes. A flowline is made to be ridden by anyone that’s got at least a moderate level of skill (which essentially means, STAND on the descent and look ahead!). Each obstacle is made to be rollable, which means that you should be able to roll over/down/through it safely – as long as you’re standing on your pedals, not sitting on your saddle. The table-tops will usually have a more lippy side (usually the right hand side), which allows skilled riders to get some air and float over the obstacle.

The flowline at Asidlale has all of the above. It’s been built primarily by Neil Evans, the man that’s mostly responsible for the original Braamfontein Spruit trails and the current jump spots (Hurlingham and Scout Hall). Neil understands flow and has done an excellent job with this flowline, maximising the gradient and available terrain. When we rode it, the bottom of the flowline was still not fully compacted yet, but as we said at the start of this review, it’s still a work in progress.


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Additional Trail Facts


The signage is good, but you need to pay attention closely if you haven’t ridden there before or else you may miss a sign.


The trails aren’t specifically graded, but are predominantly Blue and Black level based on the IMBA standards.


1 trail with a split on descent or shorter cuts


Off the bike

The Asidlale Adventure Park is on the prison premises. There’s not really anything to do there other than ride the trail.


If this is the only foundation of the Asidlale Adventure Park, then Joburg mountain bikers are in for a treat! The trails are stimulating and challenging and a real breath of fresh air for the Joburg region. Joburg gravity riders also get a fresh line to carve without having to travel too far…


R60 per pass

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Trail Reviews
Madelle Venter
14 October 2022
Awesome downhill tract, but not much else to offer. Poor trail markings.
Tandi Plant
30 September 2022
Great new trail! Well manicured trails. Brilliant jumps. Moderate technical parts. Still extending the trails. Nice and convenient if you live in the North of Jhb.
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Jarrid Wynne
30 September 2022
I have been riding these trails for a few months now, they are continuously adding new trails, and some are very technical. Great training to improve your skills. With the addition of the new sections the course is now 45km with around 750m climbing so you have to work! There is a nice little coffee stop at the end, nothing fancy but a decent brew is available! The best part about this MTB park besides the trails is that it's so central, if you start riding at 6:30 you can be home and showered by 10:30am assuming you live in the Northern Suburbs. Since it's opening I have not been back to Northern Farm, Hennops, Red Barn etc....
Engela Conradie
29 June 2022
The trail consists of mostly gravel roads. Lots of potential for single track, which we’ll hopefully see in the future. It includes a flowline, starting with some rocky sections at the top, flowing into dirt jumps. One could easily complete the majority of the trail on a gravel bike.
Neil Evans
29 June 2022
You need to shuttle or session the flowline and learn it to ride it well! Its a trail with a bit of everything, from tech rocky downhill style trail coming off the kopjie, to sets of big tables, tight intricate pop features, fast swooping berms, a forest bombhole, 4x4 alternate whoops and the testing Apex hip. The lower half is just a gentle gradient with smaller features. At 1.85km length and 105m descent, its the longest flowline in Joburg.
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